Website Conversion Comparison of Amazon and Walmart


This is a pretty long, in-depth article. The 7 points below are the key points discussed in this article. They summarize my findings on how Amazon increases the likelihood of converting a normal visitor, into an engaged shopper, and finally into a paid customer.

So If you want to skip through the background and directly jump to the key section of the article, then scroll below to the ‘Key differentiators in shopping experience’ section.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are two of the most popular retailers in home improvement products and services. Both have stores across the US and have rich e-commerce platforms as well. While both websites are user friendly in general, below are 7 key areas where Home Depot decidedly gives out a better user experience to a prospective visitor in the product research phase. Below is a quick list of points, which are further discussed in detail.

Why We Must Differentiate Between Good And Bad Inequality

Inequality Needs To Be Monitored- Both Good & Bad

Key Takeaways From Article-

A Mentor can cross the line of fire & be a great friend!

Academic schooling is primarily expected to impart the hard-skills needed to do different jobs in the industry. However, there’s a world beyond books, exams, and online courses. At the end of the day, we all work for different companies, freelance or start our own. In any of those situations, one’s required to collaborate with different people, departments and challenges.

The challenges can be due to a plethora of reasons. From shifting in required skills, office culture, finances, moving to a different role or city, economic downturn and so on. The real situations start when school ends. And often there’s no…

A Caring mentor can help you cross the burning stopper lines!

We all know the many benefits of having a mentor in life. Be it personal or professional, we all like to second check our thoughts with people who we trust. Whether it’s about deciding between a college or a program, preparing for the first job or planning a switch, higher studies or moving to another city, good advice can be invaluable!

One thing helps in wading through such situations. And that is reaching out to someone who has been in those shoes which you are aiming to get in. Whether you want to chart your own specific path or follow…

There are countless directions your career can go in 2019 and ahead!

In this digital era, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Not only personal, but technology has also taken over the workspaces too. Every day new robots are getting capable of making many tasks simpler and automated in different areas. Kai-Fu Lee, a leading venture capitalist, believes that 40% of the jobs globally will be automated in the next 15 years. But as the door closes on one end, another opens on the other end. Humans, who have been at the center of innovation since decades, will find new professions surrounding AI. …

Enjoy the new Quick Magazine with your Coffee!

Hey Quick Learners!

QuickCode publication has been growing at a consistent pace thanks to all of you, its readers and writers combined. Many of you often submit us story from your own learning experience for the benefit of the larger technology learning community. This greatly enables other learners in the community as they can relate to their own learning challenges.

However, given the volume and fast pace nature of online publication, sometimes good stories can often get pushed behind the curtain very fast. And in some cases, even the best-written knowledge articles and experiences don’t get the justified exposure. …

What to Learn if You Have some time on Hand

I came across this question on Quora, and it sparked my thoughts. The question was open-ended with very little details. So I made some assumptions based on the combination of what I might have learned, and what others around me are currently learning (or planning to learn).

I assumed, that the person looking for this answer wants to learn something that might be helpful in the future in terms of job prospects. I would suggest you consider learning something in one of these areas:

User Experience- It’ll help you appreciate how modern day tech companies like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb design…

Img Source:

Subtlety is the soul of most impactful designs. Perhaps for that reason alone, the conversation around design, has mostly been in the background of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and so many other so-called sexier technologies of the last decade. Not to take anything away from those disciplines. But for some reason, the design conversation has been in this unique position of being the second most important thing in the industry. At least this was the case until ‘mobile applications’ arrived. And since then shadows have started to clear off from the talks about user experience and designers.

With that…

Img Source:

I have been a digital analytics and optimization consultant since last 4–5 years. After 100 plus A/B tests with different companies, I have gained a few valuable insights in managing a Digital Optimization Program. There’s a repeatable process of ideation which has been sparingly discussed in regular A/B testing articles. This article is about those learnings.

Let’s look at some of those challenges and solutions in the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: Under testing of Less prominent features

A website even if for a single product, is supported by other factors for a complete experience. …

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